What’s In My Changing Bag?

My Petit Canard Changing Bag

It’s been strange to get the changing bag back out of storage after two years since using it with the little lady. I remember when we were first looking for changing bags back then. I specifically wanted one that looked as much like a handbag as possible and was really excited when I finally found this beautiful Mulberry one. It has a really simple but classic Mulberry look and feel, and looks more like a handbag or small travel bag than a changing bag which I love. Three years down the line it still looks fashionable and I love it as much as I did then so I decided to keep it rather than get a new one.

Becoming a parent for the second time is definitely easier in some respects and harder in others. One of the benefits is the knowledge and experience you have from the first time round. I’ve definitely learnt what types of products I do and don’t actually need for a newborn which means my changing bag is a lot lighter and slightly less cluttered this time round. So whats in my changing bag as a second time mum? Here are my essentials that are always packed and ready to go!

Pampers Newborn Nappies

Our nappy of choice both first and second time round has been Pampers. We only tried one other brand the first time round but didn’t like them as much as Pampers. Second time round we’ve decided to use the same brand with the view that if it’s not broken don’t fix it! That said, I have read some great reviews for some of the supermarket brand of nappies so I could probably be tempted to give some of these a go this time round.

Sudocrem Care and Protect

This wasnt around when we had the little lady, and she suffered terribly from nappy rash in the first year so I wish it had been as we would have definitely have used it. The first time round we switched between Sudocrem, Bepanthen and Metanium which were all great and worked for the little lady, but I was really keen to give Sudocrem Care and Protect a go having read great reviews on it from other bloggers. So far I’m really impressed with the product. I love the delicate lavender smell and the light consistency which really does make it feel more like an everyday product, and so far this is the only nappy cream in our bag and at home.

Water Wipes

Water Wipes are also a product that weren’t around when the little lady was a newborn, and again its a product that I wish was. I decided to give these a go when I noticed that these had become the go to wipes for newborns. So many other bloggers packed them in their hospital bags and had said great things about using them for newborns and those first meconium poos which are so hard to clean up with cotton wool. This in addition to the fact that the water content in them is so high and they are chemical free I just had to try them, and since I have I have been converted. They may be a little on the pricy side but they are totally worth it!

Fragranced Nappy Sacks

We don’t tend to use nappy sacks at home, but they are definitely handy when out and about, and especially when you are at someone else’s house. I usually have a handful of fragranced nappy sacks in the changing bag for nappy changes and also find these useful to have as the little ones get older for potty training accidents or if they are ever sick in the car.


Muslins are one of my all time favourite baby products. They are so useful and have a multitude of uses beyond the obvious burp cloth. Again I like to have a couple of muslins on hand at any time and usually have at least two in the changing bag. Some of the ways that I might use a muslin could be as a breastfeeding cover or as a light blanket, a temporary sun or rain cover or for impromptu nappy changes.

Medela PureLan

In the early days of breastfeeding a tube of Medela PureLan comes in handy. It’s a small but powerful tube that really does the job. A little bit goes a really long way and I’d recommend this to any new breastfeeding mums. I didn’t know about the power of lanolin the first time round when I was breastfeeding and wish I did as it would have made such a difference to those sore and painful first few weeks.

Spare Baby Clothes

Any new or experienced mum will know that its essential to have a few spare clothes changes for the little one as you’re bound to have a nappy or baby sick incident when you’re out and about. I like to have at least two changes of clothes, if not slightly more and will usually make sure that I have options for different weather types too, especially at the moment with our unpredictable so called “summer” weather.

Milton Antibacterial Wipes

As a first time mum I was incredibly diligent with the antibacterial wipes and hand hygiene gel, but I have to admit that I have been much less so the second time around. I expect this is probably pretty normal for second babies, particularly when you have messy, sticky toddlers too. So whilst I’m not wiping up every surface around us, I do have a pack of Milton Antibacterial Wipes in the changing bag for when we’re out and about and encounter those changing tables or surfaces that are looking less than desirable!

Baby Blanket

I like to keep a baby blanket in the bottom of the changing bag for when it’s needed. At the moment in the warm-ish weather that we have a muslin is usually sufficient, but when it starts to get a bit cooler, or if we’re out at night time I like to have a blanket to make sure the little one is warm in his car seat or pushchair.

Baby’s Red Book

Baby’s red book pretty much lives in the changing bag all of the time. Its one of those things that is good to always have on you, and having a bigger bag than usual makes it easy to carry it around. That way its one less thing to think of, or remember to pick up for appointments or find when you’re in a rush and need it.

So that’s whats in my changing bag beyond the obvious every day things that I need like my keys, purse and iPhone. What are your changing bag essentials?

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