Easter Adventures & A Taste of Japan

Louis by the side of the Tonkotsu sign

Tonkotsu restraurant front

Inside Tonkotsu restaurant

Tonkotsu restaurant bar

Tonkotsu restaurant kitchen

Ella eating noddles at Tonkotsu

Louis eating noddles at Tonkotsu

Louis laughing by the side of the Tonkotsu sign

Outside Tonkotsu restaurant

I love discovering new places, especially new food places. I live for exciting new food finds, they literally give me life. Because you know, this girl loves to eat. Anyway, with it being Easter weekend and a long bank holiday weekend at that it also means lots more opportunities to squeeze more in, like visiting the new Battersea Power Station Circus West Village. We were invited to check it out and during our visit discovered the small and unassuming but trendy enough to catch the eye Tonkotsu, a very cool Japanese ramen place.

Now I have to admit, whilst it was very up the grown ups street (bring on the gyoza and soft shelled crab) I wasnt sure if the littles would play ball and ask for a bowl of chips. In fact we almost passed on this place because I was convinced that they wouldn’t, but you know what, they did (I told you the place was super cool). They obviously picked up on the if you’re anyone you need to eat here vibes because they both got down with a Okosama (kiddie) bowl of ramen and downed chopsticks (get them!).

Ok, so the littlest one just tried to stab everything with his chopsticks and did not get the deal with the beans being inside the edamame but its the effort that counts right? He slurped down some ramen, picked at some broccoli and totally got down with the mochi. Oh the mochi. Let me TELL you about the moochi. Little ice cream balls of guilt free heaven. Guilt free because they’re tiny and you can totally kid yourself that eating four of them in a row is perfectly reasonable, and the heaven bit, well that needs no explanation once you’ve tried them yourself.

The kids loved them so much that one portion of mochi quickly became two, which surely tells you all you need to know about the success of this trip. We even left with a bottle of Tonkotsu’s very own chilli oil, because you know if you know. So yep, if you pass by this chain of Japanese ramen bars do yourself a favour and pop in. Believe me, your stomach will thank me. It was well worth a visit to the redeveloped Battersea Power Station Circus West Village. If you fancy seeing more keep your eyes peeled for a video on our You Tube channel soon, perfect watching for a rainy day which I hear we are due plenty of, happy Easter indeed!


Disclosure; we visited Battersea Power Station Circus West Village in exchange for a fair and honest review. However as always, all thoughts and options are my own.


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