Ewan The Dream Sheep Review

Baby looking at Ewan the dream sheep

Baby playing with Ewan the dream sheep

Baby cuddles with Ewan dream sheep Ewan the Dream Sheep, or rather Ewan the Sheep of my Dreams as I’ve now come to call him. He is quite simply, fantastic. He sends our five month old off to sleep in two minutes flat. It is nothing short of magic. A magic that was unknown to me with our first baby, a terrible sleeper that fought and refused sleep and still does at three years old. I think I have just accepted that not sleeping may just be her thing. We tried anything and everything. Her favourite places to fall asleep for months were in her pushchair and car. Three years down the line it feels like we are only just starting to make progress on creating better sleeping habits.

But this little one, our second is completely different in temperament and in his nocturnal sleeping habits. We may have had a bit of a bumpy patch recently, I suspect as a result of trying to wean him off of his cocoonababy mattress (if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it, lesson learned), but otherwise this one seems to quite like his sleep and has relatively normal sleeping habits for a baby of his age. He understands that day is for napping and night is for sleeping which I think is as much as you can ask of them at five months old. He has relatively clear and obvious sleep cues and generally drifts off to sleep in arms when he is tired. We still need to work on the self settling thing, but that is for another month I think.

When he is over tired  however, it’s a slightly different thing. Because if you miss his oh-so-obvious sleep cues which occasionally happens (naughty mummy and daddy) then he has a tendency to get over tired, as they all do when that happens. Getting him to sleep then is an entirely different matter. He will winge and he will moan and he will generally fight his sleep, and its at this stage that he needs a little extra help. Some soothing if you will. Which is where our lovely friend Ewan the dream sheep steps in.

Ewan has not one but four tricks up his sleeves, or should that be hooves; heartbeat and womb, heart beat and vacuum cleaner, heart beat and rain and this little guys personal favourite, heartbeat with a sweet little melody, all played at a low base frequency, the same frequencies babies can hear in the womb. Which, when our little one gets so worked up because he’s so tired he doesn’t know how to get to sleep, Ewan knows exactly how to placate him. Theres no rocking him till our arms go numb, no pushing him in his pushchair like two people who have lost it, or driving around in the car like there’s no tomorrow.

Ewan Dream sheep and baby in SnuzPod

Ewan Dream Sheep & Sleeping Baby

Theres none of that. We quite simply settle him in his sleeping bag, pop him into his SnuzPod and no sooner than we’ve turned on Ewan are those little eyelids fluttering. How long it takes him to drift off depends on how tired he is, but the very first time we introduced the little one to Ewan he was asleep in two minutes. No exaggeration.

Some of the things we love about him, besides him helping our little one sleep:

  • The play time of 20 minutes doesn’t feel too long or too short
  • The sounds arent jarring at all, quite the opposite in fact
  • You can easily stop play time mid way through once baby falls asleep, unless of course you fancy being lulled off to sleep yourself
  • He has a very clever velcro tail you can attach to a cot, pushchair, car seat or anywhere else you can think of!
  • The snuggly comforter is super soft and cuddly, as is Ewan himself

The best news, particularly for anyone that doesn’t have a newborn is that we havent been using Ewan since birth and yet he still works which is amazing. So for anyone contemplating getting Ewan the dream sheep for their little one, newborn or otherwise we would completely and totally recommend him. 100%.

Disclosure; we were sent a Ewan the Dream Sheep in exchange for this review. However as always, all thoughts and options are my own. You will only ever find reviews of things we love on our blog.



  1. December 18, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    I love Ewan! He was my comfort blanket for months. Without Ewan I’d fear we would never get our daughter to sleep. But then we accidently left him at home when we went away for the weekend. All was fine though and she slept. My daughter now lives his glowing belly. Claire x
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  2. December 19, 2016 / 6:07 pm

    My eldest loved Ewan and now my youngest is beginning to love him too! Thanks for the review, definitely getting her this for Christmas!

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