Glossier, Believe the Hype

Glossier primer and cleanser

These pretty little white Instaworthy bottles are every bit as good as the hype they have commanded on both sides of the atlantic over the last few months. When I heard that Glossier were launching in the UK I knew I would be placing an order the same day they started shipping in the UK, and I knew just what I would be ordering too.

First up had to be the milky jelly cleanser and the priming moisturiser which I have had my eye on ever since I saw one of my favourite You Tubers talking about just how good these products were. Then another, and another. These two beauties have had rave reviews by just about everyone that has tried them and I am about to add one more.

Glossier cleanser

The milky jelly cleanser is just about the best cleanser I have ever tried. I love the way it feels on my skin. More of a gel than a liquid or water, its like nothing I’ve ever tried before and the rosewater in it smells pretty great too. I use it in the shower as a face wash, but it can also be used on dry skin just as effectively and easily because it is made with a blend of five skin conditioners that leave your skin feeling silky smooth whatever way you put it on. I am literally obsessed with it and know this is a product that I will be buying again and again and can only recommend you guys try it for yourself. I promise you wont regret it.

Glossier primer

The priming moisturiser is a product that I saw and just loved the sound of, a primer and a moisturiser in one. When a product has the potential to cut a step out of your morning beauty routine you know its worth trying. Again this is another Glossier product that has cult reviews and for good reason. It looks good, it feels good and is generally a very nice product. I love the idea of it but damn me and my sensitive skin. After two weeks of breakouts I’m about to switch back to my lighter moisturiser and I wish I didn’t have to. Unfortunately my skin just doesn’t seem to like thick moisturisers but I can see how someone who had more accepting skin would love this product. So whilst it hasn’t worked for me, I would still recommending giving it a go as it’s another great Glossier product which deserves to be tried.

I have to say I’m absolutely loving the Glossier range and the fact that we can now get our hands on it in the UK. I’ve got my eyes on their masks, brow boy and gorgeous new perfume, and with a birthday and Christmas coming up soon I couldnt think of a more perfect time to add to my collection so let me know what else I need to add to my list!


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