10 Tips For Perfectly Wrapped Christmas Gifts

Perfectly Wrapped Christmas Gifts pictureAh Christmas. Twinkly lights. Mulled wine. Corny Christmas music and maybe most exciting of all, gift wrapping and giving. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this last part. Watching friends and family faces light up when you give them a beautifully wrapped gift. Especially little ones. For me Christmas gift wrapping is almost an art and I take a huge amount of pleasure each year taking the time to find the perfect paper and gift wrapping accessories.

Over the years I have developed a bit of a formula to crafting perfectly wrapped christmas gifts, and it all starts with finding the right paper to set the tone. Which of course must be wrapped in the prettiest ribbon or twine, and garnished with a sprig of holly or something twinkly like a cute little bell. Last Christmas I wrote a post sharing my 6 Christmas gift wrapping essentials so this year I thought I would share 10 tips to getting perfectly wrapped christmas gifts, each and every time.

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10 Tips For Perfectly Wrapped Christmas Gifts

1.Choose a colour palette or theme, starting with your wrapping paper and build around it buying colour coordinated gift tags, twine, ribbon and garnishes and don’t deviate from it. Choose a separate colour palette or theme for adults and children or by families to help easily identify presents and make things fun.

2. Buy wrapping paper that has grid lines on the inside to make it easy to cut straight lines and minimise wastage. Sainsburys and Marks and Spencer are great for selling these.

3. Practice wrapping your ribbon or twine around your gifts to measure out and cut exactly what you need.

4. Stack gifts and tie them together with ribbon or twine to create pretty gift parcels and maximise your ribbon, twine, gift tags and embellishments.

5. Tie gift tags and embellishments to the ribbon and twine rather than taping them to create an elegantly wrapped gift.

6. Put clothes and oddly shaped, difficult to wrap items in a gift box before wrapping.

7. Create a gift wrapping box or station. I like to keep all my wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, tape and embellishments all together in one place so that I can find and access everything quickly easily when I am wrapping, and so that they are all stored together when they go back up to the loft until next Christmas.

8. Wrap as you buy to save time, or like me having a wrapping afternoon or evening with a glass mulled wine, a mince pie and some of Michael Buble’s finest Christmas music and make it part of your Christmas.

9. Get a Scotch pop Up tape dispenser for the perfectly cut tape each and every time. This will save you oodles of time and is a Christmas wrapping must have for me. Alternatively use a tape dispenser, or pre-cut your pieces of tape from a roll of tape before you start wrapping.

10. If posting gifts use old parcel boxes, securing items by surrounding them with bubble wrap, scrunched up newspaper or if you’re an Amazon customer like me, the paper that comes in their parcels is perfect. Pop any gifts that contain liquid into a food bag or plastic bag to prevent any potential spillages from spreading to other gifts in the parcel. I’ve found the perfect guide here on how to post Christmas gifts.

Most of my gifts will be hand delivered to friends and family as they are every year. But this year there are a small number of gifts that will need to be posted, and I would hate nothing more than for them to go missing, as is always my fear with the Christmas cards we send. So it’s really important to make sure that all your Christmas parcels, especially those being posted are well packaged, correctly labelled and posted in good time for Christmas with a reputable postal or courier service like TNT who together with Contact Numbers UK are promoting the #ParcelPerfect campaign which I am taking part in to help others avoid parcel disasters this Christmas. So sit down with that cuppa, mince pie and get wrapping!

This is a collaborative post with Contact Numbers UK.


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