A Festive Bucket List Update

My Petit Canard festive bucket list flat layWith less than a week to go before Christmas, I thought I’d share how we’re getting on with the festive bucket list that we shared at the beginning of the month. Like the rest of the year December has flashed by but I’m pleased to see that we have done so many of the things that we were hoping to, and more. So far we have:

1. Stocked our Christmas bookcase with Christmas stories old and new.

2. Watched Christmas films, mostly animated ones as the little lady has monopolised the tv, but hopefully over the next few days once the Mr has finished work for the year we can sneak a few grown up ones in. It’s not Christmas without watching The Holiday and Elf!

3. Listened to Heart Extra Xmas radio station and Michael Buble’s Christmas albums on repeat throughout December.

4. Bought the little lady new Christmas pyjamas. I still need to hunt out some for the rest of us!

5. Visited Father Christmas at The Royal Albert Hall and later this week we’ll be seeing him at our local garden centre.

6. Spent many afternoons and evenings wrapping Christmas presents with a hot cuppa and some Christmas music. Occasionally a mince pie if I’m lucky. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap up the last few with a glass of mulled wine. Yes, I still have wrapping to do!

7. Picked out a Christmas tree from our local garden centre after much debate over whether to make the switch to a fake one this year instead of our usual real one. We didn’t.

and a few additions to our festive bucket list..

8. Joined in with vlogmas for the first time. I’m not uploading a video every day, just as and when I have something to upload, which at the moment is not very often!

9. Went to the pantomime with the little ones which was surprisingly fun.

10. Went to the little lady’s school Christmas fair.

11. Went to the little lady’s first school Christmas recital.

12. Went to Bluestone Wales for the weekend.

We havent done a Christmas market, we didn’t make it to Stockholm or find new Christmas jumpers and we havent built a gingerbread house (yet), but I think we’ve had a pretty fantastic, and more importantly fun month that we’ve all enjoyed. We still have a few more days left to enjoy before the big day which will be spent delivering presents to friends and family and getting our house ready for Christmas day. How did you get on with your festive bucket list and how do you spend your last few days before Christmas?


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