How to survive the Festive Season

Emily eating pancakes at Bella Italia

The Christmas shopping is done, the out of office is on and the food and cupboards are fit to burst. Finally its time to start slowing down to enjoy the festive season with family and friends. I love this time of year, one of very few when you really can slow down and enjoy it all safe in the knowledge that the work emails wont be piling up whilst you’re away.

Its been an incredibly busy December trying to cram in as many Christmas activities and celebrations as humanly possible at work, school and on the weekends and for once I think we may just have over done it a little bit. But for exhausting as it has been, the wonderful memories we have made have all been worth it. That said, I think my mantra for next year will definitely be less is more!

So now that we’re done with doing all the things, I can finally put my feet up and enjoy a Christmas film with a glass of mulled wine and perhaps even a Christmas chocolate or two. But how exactly do you survive the busy Christmas season and emerge in once piece by the end of it?

Do as much as you can online.

Save yourself from the in store queues and numerous trips back and forth to different stores. If you don’t have to see and feel something, save yourself time and order it online.

Pre-order what you can.

Turkeys are a must and anything else that’s important to have on your table, in your fridge or cupboard during the festive season. Pre-order to prevent any disappointment, frustration or time wasted trailing around supermarkets looking for the last golden melting chocolate bombe.

Get all key dates noted down and in your calendar.

Dont miss last posting dates for Christmas cards, gifts or online deliveries. It’s amazing how quickly dates can sneak up on you in December, but by organising yourself early in the month you can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress. The five minutes it takes to get the dates and save them in your phone or write them in your diary will always pay dividends at Christmas.

Dont try to do it all

During the busiest days we’ve kept ourselves sane by having breakfast, lunch or dinner whilst we’ve been out and about at some of our favourite places like Bella Italia. Because we love eating out together and because the logistics of our crazy days has meant that it has actually been easier, and much more fun to eat wherever we are. Getting ahead by getting out the door that little bit earlier in the mornings or having that little bit of extra time that comes with eating out has made life so much easier during the festive season.

How did you guys make it through the festive season? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks that have helped you!

Pancakes at Bella Italia

Louis drinking apple juice at Bella Italia

Bella Italia booth at Bluewater

Bella Italia van


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