5 Reasons Why a Cruise is a Good Idea

Cruises have never really been a type of holiday that we’ve considered in our family. But since writing my recent post on European city breaks, I realised that a cruise would actually be a really good way to see lots of the places on our list in the same trip. So I got to thinking, and researching (naturally!) and realised that actually there are a lot of good reasons why a Cruise would be a good way of exploring Europe.

5 Reasons Why a Cruise is a Good Idea

1. You get to see and visit multiple destinations on one trip. Why pick one place to visit when you can see a collection of countries at the same time, and with ease.

2. Someone else takes care of all the travel and logistics whilst you get to relax. For once you wont have to think about making sure you’re on time for the right flights or that you’re on the right route. You wont have to think about flight connections or transfers, hire cars or toll roads. In fact, you won’t have to think about anything beyond when you get to embark at your next destination and what time you need to be back on the ship.

3. There are lots of things to see and do onboard in between destinations. Which means they’ll be no little ones asking if you’re there yet every 10 minutes, or having to squeeze past rows of people to get to the toilet. Cruising elimates the whole travel time boredom, because there is always something to do at every stage of your trip.

4. It’s a cost and time effective way of seeing multiple counties at the same time. Not only it is likely to be cheaper because you get to cut out a multitude of flights, hotels and the taxes that go along with them, but you can also plan for and pay for the majority of the cost of your holiday upfront.

5. Just like any other holiday or break, you can book a cruise as early or as late as you like. Book early with a travel or cruise agent or look for the best late cruise deals on Cruise & Maritime.

So it turns out, Cruises are hugely convenient and practical as well as enjoyable for families. I know it’s something we’ll definitely be considering in the future. How about you?

Disclosure; This is a collaborative post, however all thoughts and options are my own.

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