A Post Pandemic Travel Wish List

A post pandemic travel wish list - tavern by the sea

Wanderlust; a strong innate desire to travel

There is nothing longer than a post-pandemic travel wish list from a travel blogger. After a 15-month travel hiatus, I can’t help but dream about all the places we may soon be able to go to.

So, of course, I thought I’d do what any travel blogger would do in this situation and make a new travel wish list. An aspirational travel wish list just for kicks.

A list of “where would you go tomorrow if you could just pack your bags and go” and of “if I could go anywhere in the world I would go here”.

A wish list of places we had planned to visit but didn’t get to, and a wish list of places that I’d truly love to go to next year and in the coming years.

If we get to visit just one I’ll be immensely grateful. There is nothing quite like a global pandemic to make you realise just how lucky we were to be able to travel as freely and easily as we once used to.

So whats on my post pandemic travel wish list? Why, I’m so glad you asked..


Copenhagen is the city we seem to keep trying to go to, but never seem to get to. Our plans to visit in spring were cancelled as the pandemic started to pick up speed and ever since then I’ve been wistfully thinking about rebooking.

I haven’t of course, but I’ve got pretty close to recently. So Copenhagen will for sure, be one of the first places we book a trip to for next year.


A girl can dream, can’t she? Hawaii has been on my travel wish list for the last few years. Its one of my dream holiday destinations and definitely one that I plan to go to one day.

Perhaps not next year, but definitely one day. I just need to decide on which island to stay on.


The Maldives are one of my holiday bucket list destinations. But until the children are a little older, I can’t see us going there any time soon.

Not because it’s not family-friendly, but because I would want the children to really appreciate and get the most out of it given the high price tag this destination naturally comes with.

That said, if an opportunity came up to go tomorrow I wouldn’t say no.


This is one family holiday that I have plans to make a reality in the not too distant future. The children are the perfect age to experience the magic of Disney and everything that Florida has to offer families.

However, with the current state of the pandemic in the US, I cant see this holiday happening any time soon, but it’s definitely one I’d like to cross off our family travel bucket list in the next few years.

San Francisco

If you asked me whether I prefer a beach or a city break I will always choose a beach holiday. However, San Francisco is one of those cities that I’d love to visit, and perhaps would turn down a beach for.

It seems like a really fun and interesting city to explore and I think it could be a pretty cool stopover between the UK and Hawaii.


Talking of city breaks, another one that I have been really enchanted by over the last year is Lisbon.

It just seems to ooze culture, good food and good weather, which in my mind are all pretty important characteristics when deciding between a city or beach break.

It made my list of top places to take children in Europe last year and it’s still on my list this year.

It’ll be interesting to see which places we make it to from this list next year. I’m not holding my breath for Hawaii, but Copenhagen and Lisbon are looking pretty peachy right now.


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