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It may be the summer holidays, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all about the kids. After all, after 6 – 9 weeks of entertaining and if you’re like me, running around far more than usual because of alternative childcare plans mean you probably deserve some well earned you time.

Which is why as well as making plans for the kids, I’ve been thinking about how I can make some plans of my own. Because self care is key to a successful summer half term. But if you need a little more convincing here’s 5 reasons why days out for tired Mums is a good idea.

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1. Because everyone needs some down time over the summer holidays and that includes Mums. Summer is our time to exhale. To put the treadmill of school runs and routine behind us and enjoy life at a slightly slower, more enjoyable pace. So whether it’s escaping for a night or two or trying a spa retreat, taking time out to reconnect with yourself, do something you enjoy and gift yourself the gift of quality “me” time will pay dividends come Autumn.

2. Never is there a better time of year to make the most of catching up with friends or reconnecting with loved ones than the summer. Where better to do it than on a relaxing spa retreat where your every need is taken care of and all you have to do is focus on catching up.

3. Giving yourself a day off from cooking for the whole family with a healthy, delicious, balanced meal that tastes as good as it looks is my idea of heaven. Plus, you may even find some meal time inspiration to take back home. Because goodness knows 6-9 weeks of meal planning is challenging for even the most kitchen loving Mum.

4. Because summer is the perfect time to close your sleep deficit and catch up on some well deserved Z’s. Of course nothing is better than a good nights sleep in your own bed, unless it comes with wake up calls and uninvited guests in the early hours of the morning. In which case a nice comfortable bed in a room designed to induce calm and aid the relaxation process is probably better.

5. Do you really need any more reasons to give yourself some time off this summer? Days out for tired Mums is always a good idea. Because ultimately the more energy we have, the more we can give to our family and friends. It’s true what they say, happy Mum, happy family.


Disclosure; This is a collaborative post. However all thoughts and options are my own and you will only ever find reviews of things I love on my blog.




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