How to Plan a Stress Free Family Holiday to Florida

How to Plan a Stress Free Family Holiday to Florida

Planning a family holiday to Florida is the ultimate dream holiday for many of us. It’s on our 2020 family travel bucket list and will stay on the bucket list every year until we get to go. But it is also a holiday that doesn’t come cheap. That said, there are definitely savings to be had if you know where to look, plan it well and use the time to your advantage. So here are my top tips on how to plan a stress-free family holiday to Florida.

Book in Advance

Book in advance and take advantage of early-bird deals. You can book a holiday to Florida quite far in advance and usually get quite good deals for doing so.

Free park tickets and dining deals can be thrown into some of the best packages if you book early and shop around. So take advantage of this, and the additional time this gives you to pay off your holiday and save some spending money for it at the same time.

Book Park Tickets Online

If park tickets don’t come as part of your package, shop around for a good deal. Park tickets can really add to the overall cost of a holiday in Florida so buy your Universal Studios tickets and other park tickets before you go, and save money in the process.

Booking online and in advance will save you money off the regular admission price, and time from waiting in line at the parks.

Tip; get a multi-day pass. The longer you stay the cheaper the cost of the tickets and don’t forget to print your passes to save time queuing.

Download Park Apps

Download all the park apps so you have all the information you need to plan and make the most of your holiday. There are lots of great apps out there, so find the ones you think will be the most useful for you. The best ones will allow you to check ride waiting times, look at park maps and book dining reservations amongst other things.

Being able to pre-book and organise things months in advance takes away some of the stress of planning your holiday because it means you don’t have to do everything as soon as you arrive.

Unlock Extra Benefits

Stay in one of the park hotels to get extra benefits like early entry to the parks, complimentary express passes and free transportation to the parks.

At face value park hotels can seem much more expensive compared to standard hotels. But when you add up all of the additional benefits you get as a park hotel guest it is really worth considering. Especially if you want a stress-free family holiday. Plus, if you book early and shop around you can find some pretty good deals.

So there you have my top tips on how to plan a stress-free family holiday to Florida. If you liked these you may also want to check out my post on how to plan your first family holiday.

Disclosure; This is a collaborative post, however, all thoughts and options are my own.


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