Making Post Pandemic Travel Plans


I have trouble concentrating. It’s the 23rd of November and the day that Boris Johnson laid out what life post lockdown 2.0 might look like.

Most news outlets are focused on speculating what Christmas might look like this year, but it’s the headlines on being able to travel from the 2nd of December that sparks my interest and excitement.

After 15 months of not being able to travel (I know, total first world problems) I am practically packing our family suitcases and making travel plans in my head.

The excitement of the possibilities that lie ahead makes me feel hopeful for the first time in a very long time, and another feeling that I haven’t felt for what feels like forever, wanderlust.

Oh the possibilities

My mind is racing ahead making virtual travel plans. Where to go first? Copenhagen, Barcelona, Bruges, somewhere further afield?

I’m tempted to try to book something this side of Christmas and find myself on the British Airways website looking at weekend breaks in Copenhagen before I am seduced away by sunny photos of far-flung beautiful beaches and bright blue skies.

Maybe it would be prudent to wait to the Easter half term, or perhaps February. Of course, at this stage, any travel plans are going to be a gamble, but for the first time in a very long time, getting away actually feels like a very real possibility.

Food for the soul

As someone who loves and lives for travelling, I actually yearn for this possibility almost as much as I yearn for air.

It’s been a long hard 15 months, and whilst yes, I have made the most of this slower somewhat interesting pace of life I have missed everything that travel gives me.

The ability to switch off and unplug from life, reconnect with myself, my family, nature and life in ways that I can never quite do at home because life always gets in the way no matter how I hard I try.

Travel quite literally recharges my soul, and my soul right now is tired and weary, and desperate for a pornstar martini.


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