The 5 Best European Cities for Cruises

The Best Cities for European Cruises - picture of houses by a river

Recently I wrote about wanting to go on some European city breaks after realising that we have not taken advantage of how close we are to the rest of Europe, and just how accessible it is. I also recently wrote about why Cruises might just be the best ever family travel discovery that I’ve made this year.

So in case you are wondering which European cities are the best destinations for European Cruises, I’ve written a post on what I think are five of the best places you can cruise to in Europe.


The beautiful capital of Finland is full of wonderful architecture and of course stunning natural scenery. There are lots to things to see and do, from exploring museums to trying the local cuisine in Market Square. Enjoying a traditional sauna, taking in the stunning architecture and island hopping making it perfect for a cruise.


Oslo is a city full of galleries, museums, beautiful parks and gardens and a lot of history. The combination of its city and beautiful landscape of woodland and fjords make it a beautiful place to stop off on a cruise any time of year, but particularly during winter.


Stockholm is a stylish city at heart, after all, they gave the world Ikea. So you can expect stylish shopping as well as all of the cultural delights that so many European cities offer.

The sea flows right through Stockholm making it a fantastic place to experience on a cruise. Because not only can you experience the city and its canals, but a number of the beautiful islands around it too.

St Petersburg

Picture perfect St Petersburg is a quite possibly THE perfect place to visit by Cruise. It’s wonderful systems of rivers and canal make it a delight to explore by sea. Stunning architecture, wonderful museums and of course lots and lots of history make this a great European city to cruise through.


I featured Copenhagen on my list of top European city breaks recently and again on our 2020 travel bucket list, and whilst I had always planned to fly into the city there’s no reason why you couldn’t cruise into it.

Like all the other European cities on this list, Copenhagen is one that is seriously worth considering visiting by boat The beautiful harbour of Nyhavn, charming amusement parks and brightly coloured houses make Copenhagen a great place to visit by sea.

There are of course so many European cities that you can take in on a cruise. My post hopefully gives you a taste of where you could go and what you could see. So if like us you haven’t been on a cruise before, now might be the time to consider trying European cruises.

Disclosure; This is a collaborative post, however, all thoughts and options are my own.


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