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Welcome back to Marvellous Mondays! Its been a bit of a quiet week on the home front. Not a lot going on but half term is now right around the corner and we have lots planned. So much so that im not sure it’s actually going to end up being much of a break, although if nothing it will be lots of fun! Note to self  to factor in some lazy days next time though. It’s both crazy and exciting to think that the next half term break will be Christmas. I wonder how soon it’ll be before we start to see the first Christmas posts being linked up..

Anyway, back to the linky and what an incredible week it has been for link ups. With 91 fantastic posts linked up I have never found it so hard to pick just one featured post. It has been the best challenge, and whilst we’ve all only picked one post each there we so many that we really loved reading so keep them coming!

However it was such a shame to see that we also had the worst week on record for commenting. It was absolutely terrible. We had 19 posts (19!) that received no comments and overall it felt like people were much less generous with their commenting than usual. On an average week people typically comment on 5-6 posts each, but this week that dropped to 1 -2 posts. This of course is probably related to the fact that commenting went unchecked last week as a result of us linky hosts needing to figure out the logistics of our checks as a threesome. Of course many of you were probably disappointed to see that there weren’t any top commentors last week, but it’s really disappointing for us to see the knock on effect that has had to the commenting on posts. If anything though, it has proven to us just how important it is for us to continue to check commenting each week (every cloud has a silver lining).

We want Marvellous Mondays to continue to be a great place for you to link up to each week, both in terms of discovering lots of other fantastic bloggers, and for helping you to promote your posts so as we’ve said before please make sure you follow the guidelines and comment on the minimum number of posts.

Top Commentors This Week

Our top commentor this week is Lex from No Manual to Mummy who is a relatively new joiner to Marvellous Mondays and left a fantastic number of comments on your posts.

Our second top commentors this week are Sinead from Shinners and the Brood another relatively new joiner to Marvellous Mondays, followed by Emily from Babies and Beauty and Lucy from Lucy at Home who left the same number of comments.

Top Commentors Last Week

Our top commentor last week was Fiona from Coombe Mill who always spends lots of her time commenting on fellow Marvellous Mondays posts whenever she links up with us. Thank you Fiona!

Our second top commentors last week were Stacie from Parker and Me and Ruth from Top Five Mum who were both also very generous with their commenting.

Thank you to all our top commentors from this week and last week for taking the time to comment on so many posts this week. You are all part of what makes Marvellous Mondays a great place to link up each week!

On To Our Featured Posts Of The Week!

My featured post this week is An Open Letter to My House Proud Pregnant Friend from Shinners and The Brood who wrote a great open letter post to her pregnant friend to help her better manage her expectations on what life at home might be like once her little one arrives. Whilst I had a real chuckle at this I could also really relate as you can practically follow the little handprints all the way along the white walls next to our staircase!

Little Paper Swans

Kaye’s featured post this week is Little Paper Swans with 13 Ways You Know You’re A Parent When… who wrote a fabulously relatable post about parenting; Kaye especially agreed on using baby wipes to remove sick stains from her tops most mornings and repeatedly wearing the same 6 tops each week!

Fran’s featured post for this week is What My Fridge Says with Celebrate Every Tiny Victory. We all know how hard being a parent can be and how some days you feel like you totally suck at being a Mum, especially when you turn into a Shouty Mum and lose your patience. This post was all about celebrating the small things, instead of dwelling on what didn’t go so well, whether that’s washing our hair, or managing to drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot. Fran would love you to have a read as she’s sure you’ll find this post as uplifting as she did.

*Note New Addition To Guidelines Below*

If you’re joining us for the first time then Marvellous Mondays is a linky where you can share your posts, old and new. Hosted by the lovely Kaye, Fran and I, and joined each week by lots of lovely bloggers like you, we love to read, comment and share all the wonderful posts that you link up. So what are you waiting for? Get linking, sharing some blog love and help us make Mondays, the one day of the week we all love to hate, marvellous!

1. You can link up to two posts per week. Posts can be new or old and on any topic you would like to share and promote, but no linking up linkies please. The linky will open at 6am and close at 11.55pm every Monday.

2. We’d love it if you could make sure you’re following us @HelloArchie_, @MyPetitCanard and @backwithabump_ on Twitter – so that we can keep you up to date with all things Marvellous Mondays related.

3. Add the Marvellous Monday’s badge to the bottom of your post, or sidebar if you prefer. It’s really simple and easy to do, just copy and paste the HTML code from the badge below.

4. In true linky fashion, please share the love and comment on one of the hosts posts the post directly before yours and one other post of your choice. When commenting use the hashtag #MarvMondays so that they know how you have found their post and we can check everyone is commenting fairly. Please do not link and run. It’s not fair to other bloggers that link up and take the time to comment on other posts, and it’s just not good blogging etiquette!

5. *NEW GUIDELINE* Complete all your commenting on others posts by Friday evening so that these are picked up in our commenting checks on Saturday. Please make sure you have approved all comments by this time too.

6. To be chosen as one of our featured posts, you must have commented on the minimum number of posts and you must have our badge present on your post or in the sidebar of your site.

7. By linking up, you are giving us permission to send you a weekly email reminder for Marvellous Mondays.

Remember to use the hashtag #MarvMondays when sharing your posts on Twitter and include either @MyPetitCanard, @HelloArchie_ or @backwithabump_ so that we can share your Marvellous posts!

Happy linking and as always have a Marvellous Monday!

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