6 Baby & Toddler Snack Ideas

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There is so much choice of food out there for baby’s and toddlers these days. So much so that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what the best things are for your baby. Now that we’ve done this parenting gig twice and always come back to the same type of snacks I thought I’d share some of our favourites.

Both of our children have enjoyed regular snacks as babies and as toddlers, and whilst there have been some differences between their tastes there have also been lots of similarities. There are some things that have consistently been a hit and so they have quickly become our go to snacks, always in our fridge, cupboard and changing bag. So if you’re looking for snack inspiration for your little one look no further!


1. Fruit and Veg Sticks

There is nothing better than fresh fruit and veg for little ones. Introducing fruit and vegetables as babies start weaning is a great way to subtly introduce them to new textures and flavours. It’s also the traditional route for weaning babies if you go down the puree path like we did. As little ones get bigger, and even before they have teeth you can introduce them to soft fruit and vegetables sticks that they can grab onto and chomp down, with or without teeth like watermelon and cucumber. Once their teeth come through and they’ve figured out how to use them you can move them on to slightly firmer fruit and veg like mango and sweet potato and eventually harder fruit and veg like carrot. If your little ones seem to enjoy their fruit and veg then mix it up from time to time and let them lead the way!

2. Biscuits

Biscuits make great snacks for little ones, especially teething babies and toddlers. Both of our little ones love naturally sweet but healthy treats like Organix Gingerbread men, Organix Vanilla Baby Biscuits and Heinz banana biscotti biscuits which are firm favourites in our house. I’m always really conscious about what we let them snack on, especially between meals but all of these make great tasty options.

3. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes have always gone down a treat with our two. Organix banana, apple and berry rice cakes have always been firm favourites in our house and more savoury Marmite rice cakes are always pretty popular with our little ones too. I love that our four year old still occasionally enjoys the odd banana rice cake from her baby brothers stash so they must be pretty tasty. I have to admit rice cakes don’t always smell great, but the children love them!

4. Oaty Bars

Organix Soft Oaty Bars are another great snack option. Our little ones enjoy the raspberry and apple oaty bars which come in a generously sized family box, although there are lots of different tasty flavours to pick from in the Organix range. Think of them as healthy flapjacks. A tasty, balanced snack perfect for toddlers that are looking for something a little more interesting and substantial at snack time.

5. Crackers and bread sticks

Crackers and bread sticks weren’t really something that we tried with our eldest, but the littlest one loves them. Organix do a lovely cheese and chives breadstick range which go down a treat, but he equally enjoys mummy’s rosemary and herb crackers which are just as tasty. As much as I love buying baby ranges for the little ones when I can, I also like being able to give them what we’re having when we can. It’s just about being mindful of food content and giving them tastes of normal food in moderation.

6. Baby Popcorn

Even babies and children are getting in on the popcorn trend in the market right now. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw Organix banana popcorn appear on the shelf in our local supermarket. I’ve never seen anything else like it and think it is pure genius. I have to admit I was skeptical about the banana flavour but the little ones love it!


So there’s six snack ideas for you to try with your little ones if you’re looking for inspiration. Quick, easy, tasty and most importantly balanced. I know there are quite a lot of Organix snacks on our list, but they really are our favourites when it comes to children’s snacks. This isn’t a sponsored post, but we were sent a few samples of their raspberry and apple oaty bars which our little ones enjoyed and I wanted to include. I hope you’ve found it helpful and if you did leave me a comment and let me know!




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