Pregnancy Update: Weeks 26 – 28

Bump Pic Week 26


Thankfully I’ve been feeling ok over the last week and most importantly the long Easter weekend, but I managed to catch a horrible cold and cough that had been doing the rounds two weeks ago. I don’t know whether it was because I’m pregnant that it felt really severe and prolonged, but I ended up having it for about a week and a half which is a lot longer than it would usually take me to get over a cold. I definitely felt it more because I wasnt able to take anything like I usually would if I wasnt pregnant, so I felt really run down and have ended up having to work quite a few days at home and even take a day off sick which is pretty unheard of for me.

However in better news, my skin seems to have finally cleared up and I’m enjoying how healthy my hair looks and feels. Although I do know that I probably wont be saying that after baby arrives and it all starts shedding like it did the first time round!

Food Aversions

Still nothing.

Food Cravings

No new cravings to report. But I have taken quite a liking to a new Apple and Pear Robinsons Fruit and Barley Water that the husband recently discovered, which is great because it’s really helped me up my water in take which has been pretty poor to date. Especially when I compare it to how much water I drank when I was pregnant the first time around. Whilst I havent had any particular cravings, I have noticed that my appetite has increased in the last few weeks which makes me think that baby must be going through a bit of a growth spurt (yikes!).


My emotions have been relatively stable over the last few weeks, with the exception of one morning when I burst into tears as we were getting ready for work. It was over something relatively minor the husband said and I couldn’t even explain why I was crying when he asked me. I just sobbed for a couple of minutes before pulling myself together and carrying on my day like nothing had even happened. Totally normal right!

Week 26 Bump Pic 2

What I’m Enjoying The Most So Far

I’m quite enjoying my bump at the moment. I do have moments (quite a few) where I think I am and feel huge, but I am also having more and more moments where I enjoy looking at my growing little bump. I’m making an effort to consciously appreciate and enjoy it because I remember how much I missed my bump after I had the little lady the first time round, and given that this could quite possibly be the last time I’m pregnant I really want to make sure I appreciate it all.

What I’m Missing The Most So Far

Being able to get comfortable at bed time. I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that its starting to get quite difficult to get properly comfortable at bed time, even with my Dreamgenii pillow. I also know, that if my first pregnancy is anything to go by its only going to get more difficult as the weeks go by.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Going into the third and final trimester! As of this week we will be in our third and final trimester and I can’t believe how much I am looking forward to it. When I look back at my first pregnancy, I enjoyed the second trimester the most for all the obvious reasons. The first and third trimesters were definitely the hardest the first time round and I guess there is no reason why that wont be the case again this time round. But even so, I really cant wait to get into the final part of pregnancy. Not because I’m not enjoying it, but because I’m actually feeling rather impatient now and want to meet this little one.

Bump Developments

This little ones movements are definitely starting to get much more pronounced and sometimes a little uncomfortable. I’ve also noticed that I’ve started getting period type pains very briefly every now and then. I’m not sure whether it’s the baby moving around that causing them, or whether its my body getting ready. My bump hasn’t really been getting hard at the same time so I don’t think it’s quite braxton hicks yet.

I had my Rheus D injection and 28 week check (ever so slightly early) this week which I was strangely looking forward to. It feels like I’ve seen the midwife a lot less during this pregnancy which I know is normal for a second pregnancy, but you still cant help but feel like you’ve been forgotten a little so it was nice to have a quick check up and chat. Baby is measuring exactly right at 27/28 weeks which is great. I was convinced that baby would be measuring bigger than they should be as I feel huge already, but it must be all in my head!

Week 26 – 28 Highlights

Finally sharing our gender reveal with family, friends and on the blog has been lovely. I can’t believe we managed to keep it a secret between us for so long. Whilst I wasnt too keen on finding out what we were having in the first place and would still have prefered to have kept it an unknown, I have to admit it has been quite nice to know and to be able to share it with our friends and family too. It has probably been the longest and most drawn out gender reveal ever, which I blame my slight perfectionist streak for.

I can’t believe that by the end of the week we’ll be into our third trimester, not long to go now. Roll on June!

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  1. March 30, 2016 / 11:13 am

    How did I miss your gender reveal, congrats!! I know what you mean, I’ve barely seen my midwife so looking forward to getting a little further along and getting more regular checks. I have a Dreamgenii too, love it but I’m also struggling a bit with sleep already. I’ve also had weird mild period type pains, so glad you wrote that as I just can’t put my finger on it. Love your updates xo

    • March 31, 2016 / 8:40 pm

      Thanks lovely, so excited that we’ve finally been able to share it and just a little embarrased that its taken so long! Im finding the period pains odd as I really dont remember them the first time around, but my midwife said at my 28 week check this week that they may be stretching pains and that petite/small women are more likely to get them.. Nice to know that its not just me though! x

    • March 31, 2016 / 8:43 pm

      Thanks, thats so lovely πŸ™‚ I remember missing my bump for the first few months after I had the little lady, there is something quite comforting and lovely about having a bump..

  2. April 3, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    You’re looking so well and lovely bump! I miss my bump a bit and have caught myself going to rent my hands there a couple of times! Make the most of the last bit!! #KCACOLS
    Back with a bump recently posted…It’s Uncanny!My Profile

  3. April 3, 2016 / 9:44 pm

    sounds like you’re doing well and i hope the nights are too bad, thats one thing i didn’t enjoy of having a bump.Have a good week #KCACOLS

  4. April 4, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    Loved your gender reveal video – so cute! You are looking fab, and you really haven’t got long to go. I used to love midwife appointments, partly because I got some time out the office but also to hear the little one’s heartbeat. I hope that your third trimester goes smoothly, and thanks for hosting a fab linky too. Claire x
    The Pramshed recently posted…30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6My Profile

  5. April 5, 2016 / 7:24 am

    Aww such a lovely update! No long now to be in your 3rd trimester. I’m so sorry to hear that you were unwell for so long. It is very hard when you are pregnant and getting a cold or feeling ill as it takes ages to feel better again. It is annoying when you can’t take any medicine to feel better, well just paracetamol but sometimes that is not enough. Although this problem last longer if you also breastfeed. Your bump looks beautiful. It is growing nicely. You look gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS.
    A Moment with Franca recently posted…Hatch Cards – Augmented Reality Greetings CardsMy Profile

  6. I am all done being pregnant, but I LOVE reading others pregnancy updates. This will be something to treasure down the road. Here’s to a restful third trimester. #TwinklyTuesday

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:32 pm

      Thanks, lovely to hear that you do πŸ™‚ I cant wait to look back on some of these posts in the future when its all distant and blurry!

  7. April 6, 2016 / 8:44 pm

    You look so well lovely, and I cannot believe that you are coming into your third trimester already?? Amazing gender reveal – you must be thrilled to bits xx


    • April 10, 2016 / 11:29 pm

      Thanks lovely, neither can I. Very excited about going into the third trimester I have to say, although it does mean that things are getting a bit harder and more tiring!

  8. April 6, 2016 / 10:11 pm

    Ahhhh I can totally relate! So excited to be in the third trimester, but not looking forward to the aches and being tired again. I too can’t get comfy at night – ugh! And yes I feel the same about midwife appointment, it does feel like they’ve forgotten you. I can’t believe the next app is at 34 weeks! Might as well be the due date!
    Love your gender reveal – exciting news! xx
    Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist) recently posted…The Ickenham Miniature RailwayMy Profile

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:28 pm

      Thanks lovely πŸ™‚ I cant believe the duration between midwife appointments either. Sometimes I feel like I just go appointments to have my bloods taken and urine tested as they are pretty uneventful and quick! But at the same time I guess its a good thing.. It just feels a little bit like we’re having these babies by ourselves lol

  9. April 7, 2016 / 11:10 am

    So excited getting into the third trimester! I love reading your pregnancy updates as your just a few weeks ahead of me. So exciting. Off to see your gender reveal now πŸ™‚ xx
    Life as Mum recently posted…Our Family Holiday in South Wales {Part #1}My Profile

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:26 pm

      Oh you and me both! It feels like its gone quickly and slowly at the same time. I love reading your updates too, especially as we’re quite close, its so interesting and nice to read how others are finding it πŸ™‚

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:23 pm

      Thanks lovely. Getting into the swing of the bump updates finally..just as I come to the last bit of my pregnancy, ha!

  10. April 7, 2016 / 6:34 pm

    My wife has had a cough for about three months now. She just can’t shift it, I think Snappy is stealing all her immune system. #bloggerclubuk

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:22 pm

      Oh my goodness! The poor thing. I cant imagine having a cough for that long. It sounds absolutely awful. That said, some of the bugs that have been going around this winter/spring have been particularly hideous and have taken people (even non pregnant ones) ages to shift. Hopefully she gets it out for her system soon..

  11. April 8, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    Feeling you with the cold, I didn’t realise having a cold could be so awful until this week but then that’s pregnancy!! Lovely pics, and a lovely update. Hurray for the last third! Keep enjoying your barley water! #coolmumclub

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:18 pm

      I dont think I’ve ever felt so awful as I did when I had that cold a few weeks back, it really hit me hard. I think I’d forgotten just how difficult and horrible it is being sick when you are pregnant and cant take anything! Thank goodness its passed πŸ™‚

  12. April 9, 2016 / 8:31 pm

    Ahh look at your perfect little bump, so cute! June will be here before you know it, look forward to reading more of your updates. Thanks for linking up! #bestandworst
    Helen Gandy recently posted…Weekend Style #34My Profile

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:17 pm

      Thanks lovely! I really cant wait now. 30 weeks this week so the coundown is on πŸ˜‰

  13. April 9, 2016 / 11:03 pm

    Hopping over from #bestandworst. I wish I’d thought to document pregnancy so carefully – it seems to take so long at the time but looking back it’s a bit of a blur!

    • April 10, 2016 / 11:16 pm

      I didnt the first time round and wished I had, but my blog didnt exist back then. This time round Im definitely trying to capture as much as I have the time and energy to. Its not everything, but its hopefully enough to look back and remember later on πŸ™‚

  14. April 11, 2016 / 2:04 pm

    What a lovely gender reveal! I don’t know how you kept it quiet for so long either. I’m so excited to find out the gender in just over a week πŸ™‚ hope your pregnancy continues to go so smoothly xo


  15. April 11, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    You do feel pretty forgotten by maternity services with your second pregnancy! Which is a bit disconcerting!
    x Alice
    alice recently posted…Orange, fig and walnut loaf cakeMy Profile

  16. April 11, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    You look lovely – I always hoped I would be one of those women who glowed during pregnancy, I wasn’t at all!! Yes totally normal with the odd cry – I didn’t stop crying when i was pregnant and pretty much since I had Children! x
    Natalie recently posted…β€˜I want to climb a mountain’My Profile

  17. April 16, 2016 / 7:23 am

    Aww still looking lovely honey πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about trying to appreciate everything as this will be my last too. Im desperately trying to make the movement sensation stick in my brain at that moment as thats what I missed the most last time. Although now coming up to 38 weeks I am ready to have my body back. Good luck with the third trimester I ams sure it will go brilliantly. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK xx
    Mudpie fridays recently posted…My Pregnancy – Week 36 with aden + anais GiveawayMy Profile

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