Save Syria’s Children

The refugee crisis. Syria’s children. Not a topic I thought I’d be talking about as fervently as I have been in the last few days. It’s especially not a topic that I thought I’d be writing about and posting on the blog. I don’t have any political nous. I’m not that type of person – opinionated, outspoken, fearless. I watch from the sidelines, my views safely tucked away in my head. But when you see an image of the body of a helpless toddler washed up on a Greek beach, that Image that has captured the world in the last 24 hours, you can’t help but want to say something. To speak out, to get involved, to do something. I don’t know all the facts and figures, I don’t understand all the complexities. But what I do know and understand is that something awful and terrible is happening right in front of our eyes.

Some type of movement, or plight of people, human beings that have obviously suffered something so awful that everyday they risk their lives and those of their families to escape it. To get somewhere, anywhere that will be safer than the place they used to call home. I don’t understand all the drivers and motivations, but I suspect most people don’t either. The media has done a great job of feeding public fear by reminding us every day of the thousands and thousands of migrants trying to enter the UK, whilst conveniently reminding us of the pressures on our precious benefit and pubic health services. I understand our concerns around opening up our boarders, I really do. But we have to remind ourselves that these are people, just like me and you. Husbands, wives, parents, children who every day risk their lives and those of their often vulnerable families to get somewhere, anywhere safe. Not for the fabulous benefits or health system that we and other European countries provide, but for the safety, security and guarantee of a future. With no other choice they have hoped and relied on the goodwill and kindness of humanity, only to be turned away at every door and port in their most desperate and darkest hour. For weeks we have talked about migrants as a collective. As a collective issue and problem. But pictures like the one we saw yesterday changes that, doesn’t it? As the parent of a toddler my heart broke. For that child, for the parents of that child and for the refugee as a collective. Surely we have a responsibility as humankind to find a solution. We can’t continue to watch the plight of these individuals from the sidelines. If the roles were reversed would it be so acceptable?

As a collective we are greater that the sum of all our parts. Donate £5 to the Save the Children Campaign by texting “DONATE” to 70008 and lets see together what we can do.


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  1. December 13, 2016 / 11:37 am

    More relevant than ever. When we all feel helpless and angry, I think we need to stick out heads above the parapet sometimes and talk about what is going on. Well done. x

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