Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas

Mulled wine, mince pies and pine conesI think mid November is a perfectly acceptable time to write my first Christmas inspired post. Yep, that’s right people, Christmas is coming early this year! I’m looking forward to it even more than last year now that we have two little ones that can really enjoy all the Christmas festivities. Which got me thinking about how it’s never too early to start getting your home ready for Christmas. In fact it’s probably better if you do, especially if you have children because there’s always so much to do and so little time to do it in. So if you fancy being organised this year, here’s a few ways you can get your home ready for Christmas!

Spring Clean

What better way to get ready for Christmas than with a big spring clean! Clear out that clutter, get rid of the junk and drop off those bits you havent used for years off to the charity shop or down to the dump. Make way for the new by getting rid of some of the old and get your house ready to be dressed for Christmas.

Oven Clean

Theres nothing better than cooking your christmas dinner in a sparkling clean oven. One of our little luxuries is booking in someone to come over and clean our oven for us. If you havent had your oven cleaned before you might think its a bit of an odd thing to do, or extravagant even but once you’ve had your oven cleaned to industrial standards and it comes out looking brand new again you’ll understand why. We always like to book in an oven cleaning appointment in October or November for Christmas week as they get booked up really quickly, but there’s nothing wrong with giving your oven a bit of elbow grease yourself if you prefer to!

Restock your kitchen basics

Replace new pans, baking trays, utensils and kitchen bits and bobs that have seen better days or that you don’t have enough of. Christmas is usually the time of year when you realise you don’t have enough of something or need to replace something so get ahead of the crowd and check what you have and don’t have, do and don’t need now so you can take advantage of the pre christmas and black Friday sales.


When you have children you’re constantly decluttering because little ones are always accumulate so much crap stuff, stuff that eventually takes up every crevice of your home and it only gets worse at birthdays and Christmases. So I always find it really helpful to start decluttering a few weeks or months before Christmas to make some space for all the new gifts coming our way.

Fragrance Your Home

I enjoy nothing more than a beautifully scented home, especially at this time of year when the Christmas scents start appearing in the stores. What can be better than stepping into a home that not only looks like Christmas, but smells like Christmas too.  There are so many great ways to fragrance your home, from diffusers, to candles to room sprays and almost as many scents as there are places to buy them from.

Choose Your Theme

It’s never to early to start thinking about what theme you want for Christmas. Since the stores start bringing all the Christmas things out in November its a great time to take inspiration from all the different themes and great offers around too. Leaving you all of December to sit back and enjoy the run up in style.

After writing this post I feel more festive than ever and I hope you do too. Christmas can sometimes feel like such a stressful time, but getting organised early can make a massive difference and mean that rather than running around trying to find the last Baby Annabel in town, you can be sitting back enjoying a mince pie and mulled wine, and I know which of those two things I’d rather be doing.

So what things do you always leave to the last minute that you could get started on now?



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