2020 Goals, Aspirations & Intentions

2020 Goals, Aspirations & Ambitions - Emily by the habour

It may be mid-January, but it’s never too late to set yourself some 2020 goals.

I much prefer to wait until I feel ready and am clear on what I want my goals to be than to rush into writing down a meaningless laundry list of things just because its the beginning of January.

I like to be thoughtful and considerate to myself and feel energised and excited when I write my goals. As opposed to forced, unexcited and uninspired.

Because life is a marathon, not a race so it doesn’t matter whether I write these on the 1st of January or the 31st of January.

So here are my 2020 goals, aspirations and ambitions in no particular order. I can’t wait to come back to them later in the year and see how I’m doing. I hope you enjoy reading them.


Get back into Yoga. I absolutely adore yoga but haven’t practised properly for years. Probably since before I had my children.

Over the last few years, I’ve dabbled with some online yoga classes and videos, but it’s never quite the same as being in a class around other people.

In the last year I’ve felt a real pull towards yoga, so my commitment to myself this year is to find my way back to yoga and a class that I can go to at least once a week.


Meditate as often and consistently as I can throughout the year.

I always feel such massive benefits when I carve out the time in my day to meditate. But sometimes life gets in the way and I just don’t get to do this as regularly as I’d like to.

My meditation practice last year was patchy so this year I’d like to achieve more consistency. Daily would be great, but weekly at least would be good when life gets busy.

Look after me

Last year I wasn’t very good at making time for me. Even quite basic things like hair appointments and waxes fell by the wayside.

So this year I’d like to actually take back a little time for me to do the things that make me feel more like me, but also to look after myself better.

I’d like to see myself making regular time for hair appointments, dental appointments, check-ups, waxes and maybe even the odd massage here and there.


I just love reading, and like yoga, it’s something that I’ve done less and less of since starting a family. But last year I finally started to pick up a few books of my own and was very proud of myself for reading seven books throughout the year.

This year I’d like to be a bit more intentional with how much I’m reading and aim for one book a month, or 12 over the course of the year.

Travel & Adventure more

This is one of my biggest goals for this year. We’ve always been fortunate enough to be able to go away as a family once a year during the summer. But I have this huge desire to travel so much more.

I did, after all, change the focus of my blog from parenting to travel because of it. I have this insatiable travel itch that I just have to scratch, so I’d like to see us do lots of travelling as a family this year.

We have a massive family travel bucket list so I’m setting a goal of three trips throughout the year, but I’d love it if we could do so much more than that.

My Petit Canard

There is so much I want to do with My Petit Canard and the online spaces that I occupy. Like, refresh and update my blog. Relaunch my newsletter, create content more consistently and launch digital products to name just a few of the ambitions I have.

I really want this year to be the year that I take My Petit Canard to the next level, whatever that might look like.

I love my blog and the spaces that I have created for myself and am not shy in saying that I want to take up more of them. I’ve been doing this for six years and still feel like I’m just getting started.

I’ve never had a job that’s ever made me feel that way, or that has held my attention for that long and I have had some pretty great roles during my professional career. So I’m looking forward to seeing what I can bring to 2020, and what it will bring to me.


Every year for the last four years we’ve tackled a small home reno project. Last year we did a couple of smallish projects, but nothing that was really meaningful.

So this year I’d like to see us check a few bigger, meatier projects off our list. Projects that will really make a difference to our home. We have a huge list, we just need to pick where to get started. If we can tick one decent sized project off our list this year I’ll be really happy.

Give Back & Pay it Forwards

Last year we did a great job of regularly donating things to our chosen charity. But this year I’d like to give back a bit more and find some new ways of doing that.

I’d love to volunteer for some charities, whether that’s personally or through work. I feel so fortunate to live the life we do and would love to be able to give back to others less fortunate and pay it forward by helping others that could benefit from my knowledge and experience in some way.

Nurture & Build My Relationships

One of the things in my life that are seriously undernourished are my relationships.

So 2020 is definitely going to be about putting more time and energy into the relationships that I already have and value and creating some lovely new ones.

Any relationships that aren’t reciprocal I am going to gently and respectfully start stepping away from because relationships should never be just one way.

I’m So Ready For This

So there are my 2020 goals, which I feel really good about and more importantly, excited about.

I’m looking forward to checking back in with these later in the year to see how much progress I’ve made and whether I still feel as passionate and committed to everything on my list.

Who else wrote 2020 goals?

Share them with me as I always love to have a nose at everyone else’s! I didn’t write any goals for 2019, but I did write some in 2018. If you fancy a read of them you can check those out here; 2018 Goals

Happy New Year!


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