5 Ways To Style The Most Incredible Children’s Birthday Party

Louis's first birthday

Organising family events and special occasions is one of my favourite things to do, especially when they are focused around the little ones as it is so easy to create a little bit of magic for them. With both our children and the husbands birthday in the summer things get a little bit crazy with all the organising and running around trying to get stuff done.

But I have developed a bit of an approach to planning our children’s birthday party which always see me through, so I wanted to share 5 ways you can plan a perfect children’s birthday party too!

Louis's Birthday Cake

Create a central theme

Tie everything together with a theme that runs through everything, from the invites to the decorations, food and party bags. It can be achieved by picking one or a few colours that you consistently use, by selecting a character like Peter Rabbit, or by picking an overall more general theme like a jungle safari as we did for Louis’s first birthday.

I always like to start with invitations and build around that and always head to Paperless Post first, our go to for all our family events and occassions. There is just so much to select from, I’ve never come away from it without feeling inspired.

Then add little flourishes

Once you’ve decided what your central theme is, find as many decorative things as you can that relate to that theme. For example balloons and napkins which have colours or pictures that tie in with your theme.

For me there are always key elements that have to tie in to the overall style and these include the balloons and/or any decorations and the cake. Other things like napkins, plates, cups and cutlery are more of a nice to have if you can tie them in, but otherwise they can be neutral to keep things simple and the costs down.

I always prefer to spend the money I would have spent on napkins etc on more noticeable little touches like fancy drink bottles for the children and pretty cake toppers. A few little flourishes here and there really help to style children’s parties.

Ellas birthday face painting

Entertain your guests

Of course any children’s party is all about the entertainment, which can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you make it. There are only two real options when it comes to children’s parties and that is to either outsource it and go to somewhere like soft play or a farm, or to host it at home or in a hall.

With the first option, the entertainment is all taken care of by the venue and you organise your children’s party around it. With the second option you need to spend a bit of time thinking about how you are going to entertain all your little guests.

A really easy and obvious choice would be to hire a bouncy castle, a face painter and entertainers or similar. If you want to be much more extravagant you can hire more niche types of entertainment, hand make your own games and other bits to put your own unique stamp on everything. The sky really is the limit, but again try to tie everything back to the overall theme.

Ella's birthday picnic

Unfussy but tasty food

Food is important but relatively easy for little ones. Finger foods like vegetable sticks and mini bites always go down a treat. Likewise BBQs in the middle of the summer, picnics or tea parties are perfect, easy and low key to pull together. Deserts and sweet treats are always a perfect finish to parties and things like ice cream, cupcakes and fruit salads are always a hit with littles ones. The key is to keep it simple and unfussy but tasty.

Memorable party bags

Party bags are definitely the piece de resistance of any children’s parties, and for me there is nothing worse than a lack luster party bag. I would much rather no party bag, than an awful party bag.

That said, you don’t need to go over the top or spend lots of money putting together party bags. They just need to be tasteful and have things in them that they children will actually enjoy, even if it is for all of five minutes.

If you can tie it in with your overall party theme and style in some way great, but if not then just plain and simple is best. Lots of the supermarkets now have lots of great, affordable party bag fillers and online stores like amazon are also great for ideas. Party bags are like the final touch on your party so make them memorable.

So that’s it. That’s everything there is to know about how to style children’s parties. I hope you guys found that helpful and if you did leave a comment below and let me know.

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