An Attitude of Gratitude: Gratitude List #7

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At what point does something become a habit. Is it 6 weeks? 7 weeks? Longer? I have to admit, this week was the first week that I didn’t actually feel like writing this list or this post. I think because I’ve actually been feeling really tired this week. Unusually tired. I’m the type of person that is usually up well past 11pm, sometimes past 12pm and it’s not unusual for me to be up past 1am some nights. I am very much a night owl, in every sense of the word. But this week I have been falling asleep around 9pm – 10pm most nights, barely able to keep my eyes open. The headache and sore throat that I have as I type this tell me that I may be getting sick.

But sometimes I also get over stuff. I hit a wall. I become bored. I love the novelty of new things and throw myself into them with great gusto. So there is a chance that 7 weeks down the line from that first gratitude post I wrote, I’m a little over writing gratitude posts. The excitement is waning. But I don’t want gratitude to be something that I get over, because I really do believe that practicing gratitude is something that is so worthwhile and should be an everyday part of my life. So whilst I had to drag myself to my laptop to write this, I was pleased to see that as usual, the contents of this post flowed easily and quickly from my fingers. Here are all the things I have been feeling grateful for this week:

1.Being able to attend Blog Fest.

2. Meeting lots of other bloggers that I’ve met through blogging face to face for the first time.

3. Checking out the new Box Park that’s opened up by us!

4. Finally finding a cleaner to help me with the never ending list of housework.

5. My best ever month on Tots 100.

6. The flowers that the Mr brought home for me when I was feeling down one day.

7. Going to the Polka Theatre to watch We’re Going On A Bear Hunt with the little ones, the Mr and our sister in law and her family.

8. Discovering a really good, and I mean REALLY good new burger place in Wimbledon called Dip and Flip after the theatre. It was just as good as Byrons and Five Guys if not better!

9. Fantastic contributions from some of my favourite bloggers for a collaborative post on the 4th trimester.

10. Finally making it to Baby Sensory after missing the last three weeks of classes.

11. A great first parents evening at the little lady’s new school.


So what are you feeling grateful for this week? Why not sit down, reflect and write a gratitude list of your own. You might surprise yourself..

Did you miss last weeks gratitude post? See what I was feeling grateful for last week, the week before and the week before that! Want to start from the beginning? Read the first week, the second week and the third week.


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  1. November 17, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    I love this idea! I may have to write a list myself. It’s nice to find the positives in the week especially if it’s not been a great week 🙂

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