What is Trust Flow and How to Improve it

What is Trust Flow and Why Does it Matter?

What is Trust Flow

Trust Flow has been around since 2017 but is still known as one of the newest SEO metrics on the block. With the disappearance of Google page ranks, SEO metrics like Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow have started to become more important as ranking metrics and tools.

Trust Flow was created by Majestic to measure the trustworthiness of a site by measuring its association to high-quality sites.

Trust Flow is measured on a scale between 0-100 with 100 the highest score that any site can have based on its association with reputable sites known as seed sites.

Side note; Citation Flow predicts how influential a URL might be purely based on how many sites link to it. Whilst Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine results pages.

So if the premise of a ranking is trustworthiness how exactly is that defined?

When creating the metric Majestic created a list of highly authoritative sites which they labelled “seed sites” It’s the association to these seed sites that determine a site’s score. So for example, Google is considered a highly authoritative site. Therefore the more closely linked a site is with a seed site e.g Google, the higher it’s score will be.

How to Check Your Score

You can find out if a site is likely to be a seed site by looking at its Trust Flow. A score between 11 – 49 is considered average, 50 and above is strong, whilst anything lower than 11 is poor.

Seed sites will have a score upwards of 80. You can check your score and any other site through a backlink checker tool.

Trust Flow is not easy to build, but there are a few things you can do to build yours.

3 Ways to Increase Trust Flow

Have a strong internal linking strategy 

This is SEO 101. Linking to other posts and pages within your site is good SEO practice and will help to build both Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

Home pages are prime real estate on sites for linking to other pages. But posts should also be used to link to other posts and pages and keep readers on the site.

Get credible backlinks to your site

Guest posting on credible sites is generally a good backlink builder. As is using credible community-based platforms, forums and local directories to link back to your site.

Focus on building backlinks from trusted, authoritative sites. One backlink from a credible site is always going to be better than a backlink from a poor site which can damage your score.

Regularly audit backlinks to your site

It is better to have one strong backlink than five poor ones. Check backlinks using a backlink tool and remove any that aren’t doing your site any favours. This will keep your SEO strong, and in turn, your Trust Flow score high.

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