Expect the Unexpected: Gratitude List #11

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This past week has felt like an absolute whirlwind, one of those weeks where you can never remember what day it is and it always feels like it’s at least one or two days further along than it is. I really can’t believe Christmas is next week, especially when I still have about a million things to do before the big day. Everything feels rushed and hashed together this year, which is surprising considering I am on maternity leave and should have had ample time to get organised and get things done.

Perhaps if I get everything finished this week I can enjoy it all next week, but then perhaps that it half the fun, spending Christmas getting ready for Christmas! Even though things havent quite gone to plan, I can’t complain as even though its been another busy week, its been another great one. Here are all the things I am feeling gratitude for this week:

1. Taking the little ones to visit Father Christmas at The Royal Albert Hall as a family.

2. Getting to watch Ella sing at her first school Christmas service. It was the sweetest thing watching her get up and sing all the little songs that she’s been singing around the house over the last few weeks with her class.

3. Being able to spontaneously go on a very last minute weekend break with the family to Bluestone Wales. It was so nice to be able to squeeze in a little pre-christmas getaway and we all had a lovely time.

4. Getting a little lie in on Monday morning. Lie ins are so few and far between that I really appreciate them when they happen.

5. Finally finding some time to get started on the Christmas wrapping, which is just as well as it takes me forever!

6. Getting to take Ella to see a Pantomime show with her school. Knowing that I’ll be back at work next year and unlikely to be able to do things like these make me really grateful that I am able to do them now.

7. Getting to have a drink and chat with one of the school mums after the Pantomime show which was lovely. We even planned a little play date for the little ones which we’ll hopefully squeeze in before Christmas.

8. Finally getting to the end of the school term, which means no more early school runs for the rest of the year, yay!

9. Being surprised by the husband and little ones with a beauty and pampering afternoon for my birthday this weekend. Let me tell you, it is SO needed. I’d have been just as happy if they’d given me a voucher to go and sleep in a quiet room on my own for an afternoon!

10. The lovely girls that I chat to on Twitter day in day out who’ve become my little go to group for a quick chat.

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