The Gratitude Series 2018. #4

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It feels like its been a particularly quiet week this week. Nothing instantly springs to mind like it usually does when I sit down to write these posts. I had to dig deep with this one to find the little nuggets of gratitude, but they were there like they always are.

This week, or rather last week there were lots of little things to be grateful for, and actually whilst it’s always exciting to reflect on the bigger things that happen you get more from going deeper and taking more time to properly reflect and find the little things. So I hope that any of you reading this that sometimes think you don’t have a lot to be grateful for realise that you do, and that the more that you are grateful for the more you will have to be grateful for over time. So with that, here are all the wonderful things and moments that I feel gratitude for:

#1 Finally getting some more of our beautiful pictures that we had printed in the summer up around the house.

#2 Finding the exact bed sets that I’ve wanted to get Louis for the last few months miraculously on sale at The White Company all of a sudden. Needless to say I snapped them up!

#3 Both of the little ones going to bed super early on Friday night leaving us a whole evening to enjoy doing whatever we liked for a change. I wont dwell on the fact that it did mean they woke up super early on the Saturday morning though, it’s all about the gratitude.

#4 Finding a Batman toy for a birthday party in the John Lewis next to the office. I was convinced that it would be impossible to find a Batman toy in the city, especially as I had taken a look at the John Lewis website the night before and couldn’t find any Batman toys. The law of attraction is insaneeeee.

#5 Having lovely playdate with some of Ella’s school friends on the weekend. I am terrible at organising them so I was pretty proud of myself for actually following through for once. The kids had a great time and I actually really enjoyed having a bit of a chat with the mums.

#6 I finally ordered Louis a few new bits for his wardrobe after having this on my to do list for a while. The poor boy was still wearing 12-18 month clothes (some were even 9-12 months) and he’s 20 months old! I’m so grateful to finally have this checked off, although no doubt he’ll be needing more clothes in 4 months time (pfft).

#7 Chris found some of my loungewear that I’d stored away and forgotten about when we moved house. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. It used to be and still is one of my favourite and most comfortable things to wear around the house. The discovery was made even better by the fact that I was considering buying a few new pieces of loungewear and now I don’t have to. Best. Feeling. Ever (quite literally).

So there we have it, another week another gratitude list. Are you writing yours yet?

Emily x


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