The Gratitude Series 2018. #2

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Welcome back to the second post of my new gratitude series for this year, which is already late. I used to stress last year when my posts would sometimes go out late or not at all, but this year I’m going to try not to stress if things get a little easy breezy at times. In fact if anything I’m grateful that I still managed to get post out at all because the truth is, sometimes life is just too busy to do it all.

Last week was a quieter, calmer week but by no means any less interesting or exciting because:

#1 I met with my first exec coaching client at work who I am really excited to be working with.

#2 I had my first year end performance review at work which went really well and gave me all the feels for the future.

#3 I had an amazing call with someone I used to work with who owns her own consultancy and is very interested in supporting me in my coaching journey. She seems to have slowly become my own kind of accountability coach/mentor and I am so, so grateful for us finding each other on this part of my journey.

#4 I made it onto a train after it was supposed to leave which got me home earlier than usual. For once delayed trains were working in my favour!

#5 I discovered Tony Robbins podcast and am as obsessed with them as I am with Oprah’s which I didn’t think was possible. Honestly, I absolutely live for podcasts at the moment and even wrote a post on my faves a few months ago for anyone that is interested.

#6 I finally made pancakes for breakfast for the first time this year. We got a little obsessed with them last year so havent made them for a while, but after thinking about them pretty much every weekend since the new year I finally let myself make some and boy were they worth the wait. Absence does most definitely make the heart grow fonder!

#7 I bought myself a new skirt for work for an absolute steal. It was just what I was looking for, and I wasnt even looking. I’ve been so good in January holding back from buying when I would love to go on a little spree and rehaul my entire wardrobe, so this was the perfect little find until I get the chance to do that.

I love that I always get to the end of these lists and realise just how much I have to be grateful for each and every week without fail. I’m so glad I decided to start writing these posts again. If they help just one person reading these realise how much they have to feel grateful for then they will have served more than their purpose. If that’s you, let me know!

Have a fab week and remember, we have so much to be grateful for in this life.

Emily x


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