The Gratitude Series 2018. #5

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Last week was a weird week. I didn’t quite feel myself and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I still can’t. But that was last week and this week is a whole new week of opportunities. It’s ok to have days or weeks like those, where you’re in a funk and you just cant shake it off. Those are the weeks where you just have to go with it and give yourself the time and space knowing that eventually you’ll come out the other side. Maybe its our bodies or our minds way of telling us to slow down, or take time for us. Either way, it always passes eventually and hopefully when it does we feel better for it like I do now.

Refreshed and ready to take on a new week and all that it brings with it. Already its been a great start to the week so I have high hopes for this one. But there were still plenty of things to be grateful for last week like the fact that:

#1 I had a great coaching session with one of my creative coaching clients. Hearing about the progress she has made and how the work that we have been doing together is helping her get closer to her goals is so exciting and motivating me to push Our Pretty Stories on to the next chapter.

#2 I discovered some great new songs for my playlist. I honestly still belive I am a Spotify girl at heart, but Apple Music pulled it out the bag with some great recommendations for me last week.

#3 We finally visited our friends who moved out of London a few months ago. The little ones ran around and had a blast and we got to catch up with each others lives for a few hours, a perfect way to spend a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon.

#4 I got to enjoy some home cooked meals at work for the first time since I started my new(ish) job. I can’t believe its taken me until now to bother to find out where the communal fridges and microwaves are in the office, I didn’t even know we had a vending and water machine round the corner from my desk!

#5 The little ones and I enjoyed an early friday night watching Disney films in bed. It was all I wanted to do as soon as I got in from work at the end of what felt like a very long week. I very rarely lay in bed and watch tv so it was absolute bliss.

#6 I reconnected with an old work acquaintance who also happens to be one of the countries leading practitioners in an area I want to get some experience in this year which was an exciting and coincidental discovery. She’s already offered her help and some resources to get me going which is amazing and so kind of her too.

#7 We were gifted with some Bepanthen goodies for the little ones which was lovely to receive and open on the weekend. Blogger mail is always a lovely thing to get and makes me feel so grateful that we get so many lovely things sent to us.

#8 I finally picked up my dry cleaning which had been sitting at the dry cleaners for a couple of weeks. A small thing but actually an important one as I actually needed some of the bits for work and kept either forgetting to get them, or running out of time.

#9 We read most of the books that were sent home for Ella to read last week. I know we should be reading them every night, but the reality of our lives is that sometimes Ella is so tired from breakfast club, school and after school club every day that she falls asleep on the way home and sleeps through to the morning so it’s not always possible to read them so I was really proud of us for reading most of them last week.

So there we go, as I always say, there are always things to be grateful for no matter what is happening or going on with your life. What did you feel grateful for last week?



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