How to Celebrate Christmas Apart

Decorated Christmas tree with sacks and gifts

It’s going to be one of the strangest Christmases for many people and families around the world. In the UK, most areas including my own will not allow people to mix at Christmas which means that we, along with the rest of our family will be having Christmas dinner alone.

Whilst this has understandably upset many, I personally feel very fortunate that I have my own little family to celebrate Christmas with. Yes, it’ll be different and perhaps not what we had planned, but we’ll be together.

It’s also 2020 which means that we have so many more ways now to celebrate Christmas apart than we have ever had before. So I’m choosing to see the positives in this situation rather than the negatives.

Which is why I’m thinking about ways we can come together with our families this Christmas. We may be apart, but that doesnt mean that we cant celebrate in new ways together.

So I’ve come up with 8 fun and different ways we can celebrate this strangest of Christmasses this year. If you’re looking for inspiration maybe one these will help bring your family together too.

8 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Apart

1.You could host a family Christmas quiz on Zoom (Zoom are removing the 40 minute limit on calls over the festive period so there is no better time for a Zoom quiz or party!)

2. For grown-up Christmas affair, you could have a Christmas cocktail making session (grab some festive cocktail recipes here!) or a virtual cocktail party.

3. For a family Christmas of all ages a Christmas film watching session together with some festive treats could be a good option.

4. For those with very young families a Christmas story read by Grandma, Grandpa or an Aunt or Uncle could be fun!

5. A Gingerbread house, Gingerbread men or Christmas cookie decorating competition (grab some easy recipes here!) would be pretty cool for families of all ages (if everyone can get all the baking bits they need in time!)

6. For families that are really into their cheese a virtual cheese tasting session could be a really nice way to enjoy something together at the same time. You could buy the same cheese selections or have completely different spreads.

7. For the more competitive families you could be brave enough to attempt some virtual board games like Monopoly or a classic game of Charades.

8. But for those that really want to try to replicate the Christmas experience why not arrange to have your Christmas dinner at the same time. Make the most of Zoom and enjoy a virtual Christmas dinner together.

However you decide to celebrate Christmas this year I hope you find a way to enjoy it. It may not be the Christmas most of us imagined, but there are lots of ways we can make it a little more like the Christmas we’d like it to be.

I hope you’ve found an idea or two on here that will help you celebrate Christmas apart with your loved ones this year. Stay safe and happy Christmas!


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