Hutong Birthday Date Night

Hutong Table Setting

I’ve wanted to go to Hutong at the Shard ever since it opened two years ago. The husband and I dined at Hutong Hong Kong a few years ago on our first holiday to Hong Kong and loved it, so when I heard that they were opening a UK restaurant a few years ago it went straight on my bucket list. This week the husband surprised me with dinner there for my birthday. The boy did good.

We had such a wonderful night, not only because it was our first proper date night this year as we realised on route to the Shard (ridiculous), but because we had such a fabulous experience. The food was delectable, the service was exceptional and staff were warm and friendly. It was such a lovely evening that I just had to capture it on the blog. Luckily I got some great pictures so I’ll let those do most of the talking, after all they say a photo is worth a thousand words..

Emily at Hutong

We started the night off with a couple of drinks which looked as good as they tasted. As the night went on the drinks got prettier and prettier, and tastier and tastier.

Hutong Cocktails
More Hutong Cocktails

Just like in Hong Kong, we ordered the Peking Duck which is served by the chef at your table. The actual experience of watching the duck being prepared for you is very much an experience and we both knew before we even looked at the menus that this was going to have to be part of our meal. Hutong London didn’t disappoint and the duck was amazing – succulent, tasty and perfectly cooked.
Hutong Peking Duck

Duck was swiftly followed by Dim Sum for our main, along with Kung Po Prawns, Spicy Rice and the second part of our Peking Duck. The Dim Sum was another must have, and as for the prawns, we just couldn’t help ourselves. It was I’m ashamed to admit, a case of having eyes bigger than our bellies! Everything was delicious. I couldn’t get enough of the Duck and the husband was pretty sure that the Kung Po prawns were the best he’d ever had.
Hutong Dim Sum
Hutong Duck, Kung Po Prawns and Spicy Fried Rice

By this point, I was stuffed of course. But the husband had mentioned to the restaurant when booking that it was my birthday and out came a surprise birthday dessert, accompanied of course by the obligatory embarrassing public scene. I hadn’t planned to eat dessert, but firstly I have a sweet tooth and can never turn down a dessert in front of me, and secondly it would have just been plain rude not to eat it. So I did, and it was delightfully tasty and surprisingly light. The husband enjoyed a jasmine green tea served in a beautiful pot and tea cup that I admired whilst wondering whether I could purchase and add them to add to my collection of tea pots.

Hutong Birthday Dessert
Hutong Jasmine Green Tea

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and we asked for the bill. The restaurant has a two hour turnaround time for tables, but actually this is the perfect amount of time to dine, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and of course the view of London from the 33rd floor of the Shard. In true Hutong fashion, our bill arrived in style in this cute little green vessel (I’m sure it probably has a proper name) showing that not one element has been overlooked or under considered. Every part of the Hutong experience is intentional and perfectly served.

Hutong Check Hutong Style!

It was such a delight to visit and whilst I’ve now ticked it off my bucket list, its once placed I’d love to go back to. Thanks Hutong for a fantastic evening!


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