Taking Time To Breathe. Gratitude List #24

Gratitude list image - seagull soaring in blue skies The last week has been strangely intense. Whilst it has been much less busy in terms of engagements and activity, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed by a lot of big actions coming together at the same time. Like the end of my employment and the start of Louis going to nursery, the end of maternity leave and the start of my little business venture. My mind has constantly felt a jumble of thoughts, actions and to do lists that never seem to get any shorter.

I started this post thinking that because its been so quiet, I wouldn’t have much to be grateful for, but on reflection there are lots of things to feel grateful for this week including:

#1 The start of baby sensory classes again after a two week break over Easter.

#2 Finally stocking up the little guys summer wardrobe ready for when the sun decides to come back.

#3 Having the opportunity to get the little guy settled into nursery before I go back to work, a month earlier than originally planned.

#4 Ella being given a school place at the only school that we listed in our school application.

#5 Hosting a great Twitter chat with so many lovely people as part of my collaboration with Bupa.

#6 The little guy finally cutting his first two teeth. He’s been pretty unhappy for the last two weeks so it’s a relief to see that they’ve properly cut through the surface now.

#7 The Mr surprising me with a pair of Converse that I have wanted since Christmas but hadn’t been able to get hold of. To receive and open them completely unexpectedly was the loveliest surprise.

#8 Making progress with my little business venture. Its slow, but we’re getting there!

#9 Seeing Ella enjoy her first after school arts and crafts club of the new term.

Read last weeks gratitude list here, or start from the beginning with the very first gratitude list here.

What are you feeling grateful for this week? I’d love it if you shared them with me in the comments section below.


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