4 Steps To A Perfect Summer Picnic

Ella's birthday picnic

Its going to be hot this weekend, which can only mean one thing, almost everyone is either going to be having a barbecue, heading to the coast or lying on a picnic blanket somewhere. I personally can’t think of a better way to spend my time in the summer than on a blanket on the grass in the garden, in a park or on the sand by the sea. Its one of those simple pleasures in life that you just cant put a price on. I love throwing together an impromptu picnic for the little ones or hosting one for friends and family because it so easy, yet so much fun. Picnics can be as simple or as extravagant as you like, but get these four things right and you’ll create a perfect picnic every time!

#1 The perfect picnic blanket

I knew the instant I spied this gorgeous stripy number from GLTC that I had to have it. Its beautiful, modern, elegant, practical and I absolutely love it. Its huge, and I mean HUGE. You could easily fit a whole picnic and family of four on this gorgeous blanket and still have room for little ones to do cartwheels on it. It’s also super family friendly thanks to a thoughtfully designed water resistant, padded base which makes it not only dry but incredibly comfortable for little (and not so little) bottoms and knees. Of course GLTC never miss a beat so it’s also incredibly practical to set up, pack away and transport, thanks to the very clever adjustable velcro straps which allow you to roll up the blanket and pop it on your shoulder or back quicker than it takes a cheeky baby to wriggle free from your hugely overloaded arms (#MumLife). Safe to say its the type of blanket that makes me want to cheekily sneak away with a good book to get lost in it in the sun. Wishful thinking for a mama of two little ones, but a girl can still dream..

GLTC Picnic Blanket - Ella playing in the sand

#2 The perfect spread

A good picnic is only ever as good as the food you bring, so keep it simple but tasty and of course family friendly if you have little ones. The best picnic food is just as easy to eat with your fingers as it is with picnicware, and travels well without becoming a pile of mush by the time you get it out of your bag. So fruit skewers and couscous yes, tomato sandwiches and dressed salads no. Basically anything that can grazed on throughout the day and that doesn’t need to be warmed up or kept chilled is your perfect picnic spread.

#3 Pretty picnic ware

There is some amazing picnicware out there these days. The number of times I have found myself in the supermarket picnicware section never fails to surprise me. Over the last few years I have noticed that stores seem to be carrying more and more picnic lines each summer, some of which are so lovely I almost wish I could use them as every dining sets. There is so much to pick from and varied price points mean there is something out there for everyone and every taste. Dont under estimate how much of a good investment nice picnicware is. The difference between “borrowing” your childrens set of primary colour tumblers and plates that you swore you would never use outside of the house, and a pretty coordinated range can take your picnic from good to great.

GLTC Picnic Blanket Family Shot

#4 Family, friends and fun

Finally a fun, enjoyable picnic wouldn’t quite be a picnic without friends or family to enjoy it with. I always say the more the merrier, so the more people you can pack on that picnic blanket the better!


Disclosure; we were sent the GLTC family picnic blanket to review as part of our role in the GLTC Testing Team. We have lots of fun in what we think is one of the best jobs in the world, but we also take our role and responsibility very seriously which means you will always find a fair review and honest opinion of everything we test for GLTC.


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