Laura Mercier Handcream

I’m a huge fan of Laura Mercier handcreams, and I thought I’d tried them all until I discovered the Ambre Vanille scent earlier this week when I popped into Space NK to get a refill of the tube of Almond Coconut Milk that I’ve just finished. I absolutely love the Almond Coconut Milk so it was on a bit of a whim that I decided to get the Ambre Vanille, but I figured that I tried everything else in the range (or so I had thought) so why not, plus it smelt pretty good too. It wasnt until I got home and actually opened it, that I realised just how good it smelt. I literally couldn’t stop smelling my hands all afternoon after I applied it, and I’ve been completely obsessed with it since!

These little tubes of loveliness are one of the small luxuries that I have carried on buying since I’ve become a mum. Because whilst they are rather pricy at £13 a pop for a 50g tube, they are one of those products that I can’t imagine substituting with anything else that I would be happy with. But what is it that keeps me coming back to Laura Mercier each time? Well for one the cream is sumptuously thick and hydrating. It has a really rich, smooth formula made from shea butter and macadamia oil that melts into your skin and leaves it feeling silky soft. It also has a lovely strong, sweet scent of vanilla, amber and sandalwood that stays with you for hours, but isn’t overwhelming. It last for ages (you only need a small squeeze each time you use it) and it’s perfectly packaged in a pretty silver tube that’s made for handbags and showing off. It is most definitely one of my all time beauty faves!

Where can you buy one you ask? Well obviously Space NK, but also stockists like John Lewis, Harrods and Selfridges. In fact last christmas Harrods stocked a set of miniature Laura Mercier handcreams which my husband surprised me with (best gift ever!), and it was the perfect way to sample all of the different scents, so look out for them again in places like Harrods, Selfridges and John Lewis this Christmas in case they do them again. However, if you’re thinking of trying one before then and would like a recommendation then my favourite would definitely have to be the Ambre Vanille (if you hadn’t guessed already!), closely followed by the Almond Coconut Milk, then Creme Brulee, Fresh Fig and finally the Creme Pistache. I would personally recommend trying them in that order, or starting with the Creme Brulee which is a classic. With winter coming, I can’t think of anything better to invest in!

Have you tried any of the Laura Mercier range and what would you recommend I try next?  Have I tempted you to try one, and what are you thinking of trying?

This was an unpaid for review for our Things We Love Series. All opinions are my own.


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