LOL Suprise Pop Up Store Review

LOL Surprise Pop Up Store - Ella next to pop up toy

Being a parent of the future generation is so interesting. Their taste in toys and entertainment are so different from ours, which makes it really interesting when it comes to buying gifts for them.

These days I find myself buying lots of smaller, knick-knacks of toys rather than big ones because collectables are big news, as is unboxing which is all the craze right now.

Ella may only be five years old but she is into unboxing big time, as are most of her peers. Two things that LOL Suprise absolutely nail with their cute unboxing collectables.

Naturally, Ella has been a big fan of LOL Surprise Dolls since she discovered them last year, and has been collecting them through the year. So when LOL Suprise wanted to send us their Pop Up Store to unbox we were beside ourselves.

Ella because she has been obsessing over getting one this Christmas, and me because it meant she’d finally have somewhere to store all her LOL Surprise dolls, pets and their million and one cute little accessories.

Introducing the LOL Pop Up Store

The LOL Suprise Pop Up Store is a 3 in 1 playset that comes with 5 fun playset backdrops, a display for up to 36 dolls and storage for over 50 dolls and accessories. As a bonus, the playset comes with an exclusive LOL Surprise doll.

Ella had so much fun unboxing the playset and discovering all the different ways she could use it to play with her dolls and then store them away afterwards.

Practical and Functional

As far as multifunctional toys go, the LOL Surprise Pop Up Store is great. As a parent who is forever picking up and tidying away toys, I love it because it can be used in such a practical and functional way. I don’t think that’s something you can say that about many toys out there on the market.

It has been such a great addition to Ella’s growing collection. Because not only does it keep her busy and entertained, but it gives her a great way of showing off all her LOL Surprise dolls. It also keeps me really happy because everything is in one place and looks presentable too.


It’s one of the best additions to her toy collection in recent months and I would absolutely recommend it to any parent who has a child obsessed with LOL Suprise dolls.

So if you’ve been wondering whether the LOL Surprise Pop Up Store is worth the money, as I often do with these things, I can confirm that it absolutely is. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

LOL Surprise Pop Up Store

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