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The perfect yellow rain mac for little wardrobes..

Muddy Puddle Mac & Water Play

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect yellow rain mac for the little lady’s wardrobe. I think they are the perfect wardrobe staples for little ones, a must have. Over the last few months I’ve noticed little versions of the classic yellow mac slowly appearing on the high street and have watched, waiting for that perfect one to come along.

Not yellow enough. Not stripy enough. Not classic enough.. Did I mention that I’m super fussy! I have literally been looking for THE perfect little yellow rain mac. So when Muddy Puddles got in touch with us and asked if we’d like to review one of their perfectly stripy, perfectly classic Muddy Macs to try in just the perfect shade of fisherman yellow I said yes of course!

Muddy Puddle Mac & Steering the Ship

Muddy Puddle Mac & Telescope

It’s the first time we’ve come across the Muddy Puddles brand and I have to say that I am so glad that they found us. This is definitely a company that has impressed us, both by their range of lovely outdoor clothes and by the fantastic quality of their clothes. As soon as we received our lovely package from Muddy Puddles I was excited. There is nothing I love more than beautifully, fun and well packaged things. I love the fact that this is a company that has clearly thought about and considered the presentation of their products, for me, first impressions always count.

Once the little lady and I had finished oooohing and aaahing over the package we opened it to discover a Muddy Mac as beautiful and true to form as the pictures on the Muddy Puddles website. So as soon as we could, we escaped to the garden, wellies and Muddy Mac in hand for some fun on what was a pretty perfect crisp spring day.

I loved how quick and easy it was to put the mac on and was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight yet durable it felt. With both a zip and popper buttons I expected it to be a little bit time consuming to put on with little hands always eager to help, but it was so quick and easy thanks to a super smooth and easy to fasten zip. So much so, that after being shown once how to put it on the little lady has been able to do her mac up independently every day since which of course she loves.

Similarly, I was pleasantly surprised at how generous the Muddy Puddles sizing is. Ella is generally wearing age 2-3 in all of her clothes at the moment and is probably about to go into 3 -4 soon, but I found that the mac looked like she could easily get another 6 months out of it. The arms in particular came up a little bit too long for her which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as she will get loads more wear out of it compared to her other jackets and it actually looks quite trendy with folded back sleeves. Win, win!

We wanted to make sure we gave the Muddy Mac a good rugged test, so we started with some fun water play and a great deal of sloshing water around the garden. One of the great things I quickly noticed about the Muddy Mac was just how waterproof it is because it has been cleverly made with what Muddy Puddles call their Puddle tec 3 technology which pretty much makes it completely water-repellent. But what is particularly great is that they’ve not only thought about practicality and durability, but also about the comfort of little ones too and have insulated the jacket with the most gorgeous Breton cotton towelling on the inside of the mac making it comfortable and warm to wear. After lots of water fun and a pause to wipe the mac dry at the little lady’s insistence, we moved on to some fun on the slide and swings. Considering it was a pretty crisp day, the little lady seemed really happy and comfortable playing outside in her Muddy Mac for quite a while, only stopping when some friends turned up for lunch.

With such a bright and eye catching design, I imagined this would be a jacket that would be worn for walks, trips to the park and days out. But since the little lady put it on over the weekend, she has worn it every day with absolute obsession, her normal nursery jacket shunned in favour of the Muddy Mac. She absolutely loves it and I do too, not only because she looks so sweet in it, but because it is so practical, versatile and durable and can be worn every day.

Muddy Puddle Mac & Swing

Muddy Puddle Mac & SlideI think the mid range price point for the jacket is spot on. At £35 its what I would expect to pay elsewhere for a similar jacket at Jo Jo Maman, Boden or John Lewis who I would compare them to both in terms of quality and brand, and therefore would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a lovely rain mac for your little one. We were asked by Muddy Puddles to rate the Muddy Mac on fit, quality, durability, comfort, price and practicality and would rate it pretty highly across the board with:

Fit: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Practicality: 5/5

If you havent already discovered Muddly Puddles then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at their lovely range of babies, boys, girls and ski wear. We’ll definitely be expanding our Muddy Puddles range soon!

Disclosure; we were very kindly sent the Muddy Puddles Muddy Mac to review for our Things We Love Series. However all views and opinions are my own.



    • My Petit Canard
      March 12, 2016 / 11:09 pm

      Thanks, it really is quite gorgeous! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely rain mac for their little one 🙂

  1. absolutely prabulous
    March 16, 2016 / 10:00 am

    Guess what? I’ve been trying to find something like this for myself! Having said that we’ve had only maybe 4 days of scattered rain this Winter and never really had a Winter so you look like a bit of a charlie wearing rain macs in Malta! This is a superb one and I love the term fisherman’s yellow! x
    absolutely prabulous recently posted…The #OopsFiles 6: Guest Blogger Motherhood The Real DealMy Profile

    • March 21, 2016 / 10:39 pm

      Wow, Malta sounds pretty amazing! I can see the appeal now, bedsides the sun, sea and sand all the time! These are really lovely macs though if you ever did want one for those 4 days of rain a year 😉

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