Role Play For All Seasons: GLTC Devon Market Stall

GLTC Devon Market Stall garden set up 2

Our children may have a three year age gap, but already they’ve found one thing in common and that’s their love for role play toys.

They can play for ages together or alone, opening this, closing that, making, mixing and baking. There’s nothing they love more at the moment than their colourful little GLTC Devon Market Stall.

I have watched Ella and Louis play for hours. Come rain or shine, I’ve lost track of the amount of time I have spent putting all the wooden fruit and veg that have tumbled off of this pretty stall. It’s been at least six months and their love for this hasn’t waned one bit and let me tell you why.

GLTC Devon Market Stall garden set up 1

It’s versatile

It has been the perfect addition to our ever-growing role play collection and is just as at home in the kitchen as it is in the garden.

One minute its a fruit and veg stall, the next an ice cream stand. At Christmas, it transforms into the most magical of mince pie stand (ok, mummy may have had something to do with that last one). Transport it to another room and they step into another world in their imagination.

It brings children together

These days our house is overrun with toys spilling out of every storage space. I honestly don’t think we could fit any more in if we tried. So any new toys that we get have to fit the criteria of being sharable so that we can keep the toy situation contained.

But this is one toy worth having alongside their GLTC workbench which together keeps them preoccupied just long enough for me to have a quick tea.

GLTC Devon Market Stall Pic 1

GLTC Devon Market Stall pic 2

It’s beautiful

When our market stall arrived I think we adults were as excited as the children to get it set up. We couldn’t help but coo at how pretty it is.

From its strippy red and white awning to its pale blue tongue and groove finish not to mention the dashing little blackboard that just wants to be drawn on, the market stall is the perfect nod to tradition.

It never looks anything less than smart, even when everything is in the wrong place (because toddler tidying skills are always somewhat to be desired).

The GLTC Devon Market Stall has quickly become a firm family favourite, a toy that everyone loves to play with. I can see our little ones playing with for years to come, and anything that gives us parents enough time to finish a hot cuppa is always going to be a winner, and this most certainly is.

Disclosure; we were sent the GLTC Devon Market Stall to review as part of our role in the GLTC Testing Team. We have lots of fun in what we think is one of the best jobs in the world, but we also take our role and responsibility very seriously which means you will always find a fair review and honest opinion of everything we test for GLTC.


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