SmarTrike T3 Scooter Review

SmarTrike review - front on shotEver since I started blogging and, more recently vlogging on my You Tube channel, my nephew Tyler has been one of my biggest little fans.

When we were on holiday in Mauritius last summer and I was filming my daily holiday videos he would get excited to watch them at the end of each day when I uploaded them and even more excited if he saw himself on them, which of course he was because how could this gorgeous boy not be.

So when the opportunity came up for him to help us review the new SmarTrike T3 scooter over the Christmas and New Year holiday, he was of course, rather excited.

So one frosty, but beautifully sunny December afternoon he joined us for a little trip to Dulwich Park to test out his new wheels, the SmarTrike T3, one very cool and trendy looking scooter. Despite Ella already owning two scooters of her own, I very almost talked myself into adding a third to her collection when this one arrived on our doorstep.

The SmarTrike T Scooter comes in three sizes, the T1, T3 and T5 and Tyler excitedly agreed to test out the T3 for us. A gorgeous bright blue Swiss-designed scooter, up for handling anything a six-year-old had to chuck at it.

First up was a bit of cross country across the park as the little ones sped off racing each other on their scooters. When we eventually caught up with them, Tyler declared that the T3 was super fast, and one very cool scooter.

He loved how easy it was to steer left and right because of its tilting handlebars, a unique feature of the T3 that promotes independence. Handily, for those younger less confident riders you can actually lock the handlebars and put the scooter into the stage one position.

But since Tyler is pretty confident on a scooter we only used it in its stage two position which suited him perfectly.

Despite the frosty weather, the scooter handled the conditions, and the various terrains we took it on wonderfully. It was great on the stone paths, on decking, through puddles and it was even pretty good on some damp sand.

Not once did the wheels falter and not once did Tyler fall off of it thanks to the PU wheels, rubber footboard and rubber handgrips.

We all loved the three-wheel design which is great for helping little ones stay balanced whilst zooming around, and a back wheel brake which for me is essential for helping them manage their speed control, particularly downhill.

Tyler did find one extra use for a back wheel break – doing scooter tricks which he treated us to in the park as we were leaving.

SmarTrike review - front on shot 2

SmarTrike review - front on shot 3

SmarTrike review - rear shot

SmarTrike review - wheel shot


As you can see in our video below, it gets the thumbs up from us but most importantly from Tyler who would recommend it to other children.

We love its good looks, how fast it goes and how well designed it is. Although if they are on the older and taller side like Tyler, I would probably recommend going for the T5 rather than the T3 so that they get more wear from it.

But all in all, we’re huge fans of the SmarTrike T3 scooter and would definitely recommend it!

The SmarTrike T3 scooter retails around £49.99 and is available at Smyths, ELC, Mothercare and Amazon amongst other places.

SmarTrike review - front on shot 4

Disclosure; we were sent a SmarTrike T3 Scooter in exchange for this review. However, as always, all thoughts and options are my own. You will only ever find reviews of things we love on our blog.

Disclaimer; the post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy a product I may receive a small comission.


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